Duck Dynasty – Why Do You Watch It?


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Duck Dynasty is about to return to A&E, a moment many fans have been anxiously waiting for. During the show’s break, the already popular characters got a lot more publicity than usual, including some they may not have bargained for. When the show returns, it is expected that its fan base will have grown much larger, as people who were not fans before the Phil Robertson controversy tune in to see what the hype is all about.

Phil’s comments about homosexuality and civil rights offended many people, while others felt as if he was only speaking his mind and taking advantage of his first amendment right to freedom of speech. The controversy surrounding the show and the cast means that everyone will be watching for their own reasons.

Those who support Phil will likely be watching to see how things have changed as a result of his suspension. The good news for these fans is that not much will change. Phil will still be in the show and even though he was suspended for a short period of time, the show was not filming during that time, so he did not miss out on any episodes.

If you are thinking about tuning into the show because you don’t agree with Phil and are wondering how the show will handle the controversy, you are out of luck. Since the show wasn’t filming when it all went down, it won’t be addressing the situation either.

Duck Dynasty has a large following and now that following has grown to even include people who don’t necessarily agree with the statements made by Phil and on the show. For some, watching Duck Dynasty is a statement within itself and a way for people with the same mindset as the Robertson family to feel accepted.

Why do you watch Duck Dynasty?

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