Dubai Fireworks 2014 Breaks Guinness World Record


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On Wednesday, Guinness World Records announced that Dubai’s firework show on New Year’s Eve broke the record set by Kuwait in 2011.

The main attraction, which covered 58.4 miles of the Dubai coast, took place at the world’s tallest building in Palm Jumeirah.

United States’ Pyrotechnic Company, Fireworks by Grucci, designed, organized and operated the display. Better known as “America’s First Family of Fireworks,” the company has lit the skies for other commemorated events including: seven U.S. Presidential Inaugurations, the Olympic Games in Beijing and the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty.

As a “city obsessed with superlatives,” those in charge wanted to make the display something to remember.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the “Organizers had promised that the fireworks would form a flying falcon, a sunrise and the United Arab Emirates flag.”

As the largest pyrotechnic display yet, it incorporated more than 500,000 fireworks at a cost of $6 million. Roughly two-hundred technicians were involved in using 100 computers to synchronize the fireworks.

Kuwait’s 2011 show involved 77,282 fireworks and lasted an hour long, however, Dubai’s firework performance lasted only 30 minutes.

Sources say that, “Enough fireworks were launched in the first minute of the display to break the previous record.”

Dubai is known for breaking other world records as well. It is home to the tallest tower, the largest man-made island and the busiest airport site in the world.

As of recently, maybe they'll become the go-to-spot to one of the best New Year’s Eve firework displays.

Image via Youtube, TriGGahProductionZz