Drew Barrymore Reveals She Has No Regrets


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Drew Barrymore, 38, admits that she wasn't the most well behaved child growing up. She spent many nights parting and experimented with drugs and alcohol. She checked into rehab at the age of 13, attempted suicide, and posed for Playboy. However, despite all of these things, she told ABC's Amy Robach that she had no regrets about her past.

"No. I celebrate that I had any sense of freedoms at a certain point, because I don't feel like that now," Barrymore said when asked if she had any regrets. "I love the very exposed, humorous, imperfect, never trying to pretend to be perfect journey that I have been on in my life."

Although she had a wild start in life, Barrymore has finally settled down with her third husband Will Kopelman, and together they have a daughter - 15-month-old Olive.

"What if Olive comes to you at 18 or 19 and says, 'Mom, I want to pose for Playboy?'" Robach asked. "I would not let her," Barrymore replied. "I don't think I would. I would influence her not to, because my life choices are supposed to be the gateway to somebody else's. That's my journey."

"I have no regrets in my life whatsoever," Barrymore explained. "I'm psyched about it all. I'm just in such a different mind frame. I'm in mom mode now."

Barrymore, who is currently expecting baby number two, says that she hopes to lead her children by example. "The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example," Barrymore said. "Whatever I've experienced in my life is a part of my story, and I'm proud of that. But it's someone who wakes up early, works all day, believes in charitable work, business-minded, diligent, accountable, problem-solving ...I'm so much about school, consistency and tradition."

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