Drake Takes Over 'SNL', Recap of The Best Sketches


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Nothing Was The Same.

The title of Drake's album is an excellent metaphor for the latest episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live, because nothing about the "All Me" rapper was anything remotely close to what fans are accustomed to seeing from him.

Although he's reached incredible heights as a YMCMB rapper, the former Degrassi star proved that he still has substantial acting skills.

Drake performed a number of hilarious skits that were surprisingly refreshing since many were unaware of what to expect from 'October's Very Own'.

However, he delivered in great fashion with comedic sketches that bridged the gap between his rapping and acting abilities.

According to TV Guide, the episode's best clips captured the platinum-selling rapper highlighting his bar mitzvah, transforming into a dork, and impersonating some of music's most notable rappers. Check out the quick recap of the episode's best sketches:

The Canadian rapper was also a dead ringer for comedian-actor Katt Williams. Drake portrayed Williams discussing the legalization of marijuana in an interview with 'Nancy Grace'. From the silky, flowing permed hairstyle to his signature velvet blazer, the rapper was a dead ringer for the It's Pimpin' Pimpin' comedian.


Then, last but definitely not least, it wouldn't be right if he passed up the opportunity to impersonate YMCMB front-runner Lil' Wayne. So, the episode captures Drake in another comedic skit which features an 'Urkel-like' Lil' Wayne on the television show Before They Were Stars. Drake teamed up with Kenan Thompson who portrays MTV television personality Sway in the skit.

However, he doesn't stop with just Wayne. He also impersonates Eminem and Jay-Z in the early years of their careers. SNL's newest cast member Sasheer Zamata also impersonates Rihanna.

Of course, Drake graced the stage performing a few of his hit records including the fan favorite "Started From the Bottom."


Image via Facebook | Drake