Dragon Age: Inquisition Might Just Make Up For Dragon Age II


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Dragon Age: Inquisition has left many cautiously optimistic after BioWare said that it would be learning from the mistakes it made with Dragon Age II. The latest trailer for the title confirms that dedication to making the best Dragon Age game yet.

At Gamescom, EA showed off a new trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition that looked almost too good to be true. What was being shown of the game was incredibly pretty, and it sounds like BioWare is aiming for the stars with this one. From the looks of it, the team is crafting an open world that would given even Bethesda a run for its money.

The only real downside of the trailer is that BioWare didn't focus much on the story. It's understandable considering the studio's desire to keep it a surprise, but what it did talk about was a little disappointing. For instance, BioWare's example of a moral dilemma featured the player having to choose between saving a burning village or letting it burn down. This black or white approach to morality is one of the main reasons why more morally ambiguous titles like The Witcher are starting to encroach on BioWare's once unassailable reputation as master storytellers. Still, that was one example and I'm willing to give BioWare the benefit of the doubt for now.

You may also find yourself wanting to learn more about the game's combat, but the above trailer doesn't really address that. Thankfully, Game Informer released a trailer yesterday detailing what the team is doing in regards to combat. Fans of both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II should be pleased.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be out in Fall 2014 for all current and next-gen consoles (except the Wii U).