Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Coming Back

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Dog the Bounty Hunter arrived on our televisions in 2004 and spent the next eight years chasing down thieves, drug addicts, and assorted criminals in Hawaii with his wife Beth and their team. They were criticized, lampooned, and even South Parked--which marked the height of their celebrity. When Matt and Trey make fun of you, you know you've made it.

But for all the ribbing they took, the crime-fighting couple ultimately became beloved figures of reality television, with fans tuning in faithfully every week to hear Dog's take on life as he dispensed wisdom to the guys he was paid to catch, and sympathizing when he lost his daughter in a tragic car accident right when he and Beth were finally about to get married. When the show was cancelled and ended earlier this year, fans were devastated.

However, CMT recently announced that they've ordered 10 episodes of Dog's new project--simply called "Dog" this time around--from Electus. The show will premiere in early 2013. The new show will see Dog and Beth traveling around the U.S. to do their job, and CMT is thrilled about it's newest acquisition.

“We were aggressive in our pursuit of a show featuring Dog and Beth, one of the most bankable teams in television history," says Jayson Dinsmore, VP of Development and Programming.

The husband-and-wife team did wonders for A&E when "Dog The Bounty Hunter" was on the air, paving the way for other successful reality shows for the network.

“Dog and Beth are not only great television characters, they are the best bounty hunters in the world, and this show is a natural evolution of their life story,” Electus CEO Chris Grant said.

Amanda Crum

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