Doctor Who Celebrates 50th Anniversary In Big Way


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Mm? What's that, my boy?- Did I hear you say that Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary via one of the largest simulcasts in TV history today?

It's true: BBC America will air the special new episode entitled The Day of the Doctor at 2:50 pm ET/ 1:50pm CT/12:50 MT/11:50am PT today. A pre-show airs at 2:30 ET on BBC and on Youtube, as well as a post-show immediately after the special episode.

According to BBC, this special episode packs an "emotional wallop." It has been hinted that exciting events from the past, present and future come to a climax, and dangerous elements from the Doctor's own personal past come into play. Old favorites such as the Zygons and the Daleks make appearances in this episode, and we will also become more acquainted with the new Doctor played by John Hurt.

If you so happen to miss the simulcast today for some horrid and unfathomable reason, fear not-- the episode will also be shown in over 1,500 cinemas in the world, in 3D even, on Monday 7:30 pm. BBC provides a link to help you find your nearest showing.

So hop into your own personal TARDIS if necessary (because you do know where to find one) to make it in time to join your fellow Whovians today. Just don't forget your essential scarf and a few jelly babies!

Image: BBC Doctor Who