Disney Monorail Up And Running Again

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The Disney monorail that was shut down on Sunday because of lightning was back up and running again on Monday. The lightning did not strike the actual car of the monorail, but did shut down the power around 6:30 pm.

After several attempts at a restart, the car was evacuated beginning at 7, and was totally empty by 8, thanks to Disney's fast response. No one suffered injury.

Renee Wells and her husband, of Ray City, Ga., actually saw the lightning strike. They tried to calm other patrons as they waited for the Disney monorail car to start.

Many of the other guests began "freaking out" after the Disney monorail slowly came to a stop after the lightning hit, according to Wells. "We kept having to tell them it's fine – yes, we're 30 feet in the air, yes, it's hotter than you know what, but we're OK."

It got hot and it caused a little worry, but that didn't stop guests from drawing Mickey ears on the windows of the Disney monorail in the forming condensation, as show in some of Wells' photos.

It didn't stop the couple, who was traveling on the Disney monorail with their two young children, from looking on the bright side of things. They did get to have a little adventure as they were evacuated.

"It was neat because we got to be on top of the monorail." Wells said.

Because of the inconvenience caused by the halting of the Disney monorail, park employees went above and beyond to make things right for guests like the Wells'.

Disney gave toys to her children and FastPasses to the entire family. If you've ever been to Disneyworld, you'll know that is worth a small fortune in itself! Employees also made sure that the Wells' were not charged for the dinner they missed and rescheduled their dinner at a closer Disney parks restaurant.

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