Disney Monorail Is Back On Track


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Most people go to Disney World expecting to see Mickey Mouse and ride a few rides.

A recent group of visitors got more of a ride than they bargained for when the monorail they were riding stalled due to bad weather.

The monorails at Disney are used to transport visitors between hotels, parking lots and parks.

The monorail that stalled was on its way from Magic Kingdom to Epcot center.

It was originally thought that the monorail had been struck by lightning, but an investigation determined that was not true and that it stalled because of a power outage caused by the bad weather.

Operators tried to restart the monorail several times but after an hour they decided they needed to evacuate everyone.

The riders on the monorail had to be evacuated by firefighters using a lift. One of the people onboard the monorail said that although it did get hot and uncomfortable on the monorail, nobody panicked.

"I just kept saying this is the most exclusive ride, having to evacuate the monorail," said the rider.

Nobody was injured during the incident and the monorail was back up and running by Monday.

Once the riders were evacuated and safe, Disney employees offered them Fast Passes and gave toys to the children who were riding the monorail.

Guests who missed scheduled dinners or other attractions or those who did not get a chance to visit their desired park were also given new tickets and Disney employees even helped them reschedule their activities.

What do you think really caused the monorail to stall? Do you think Disney handled the situation appropriately?

Image via Wikimedia Commons