Diem Brown And CT: Were They Still A Couple?


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Diem Brown appeared on seven seasons of MTV's The Challenge and while she was a great competitor, her relationship with fellow competitor CT Tamberello often got her more attention than her athletic abilities.

Diem and CT were an odd couple and seemed to bring truth to the old saying “opposites attract.” CT was a bad boy with a temper and Diem had a kind and gentle way about her.

They both seemed to bring out the best in each other most of the time and many people hoped they would stay together.

Diem passed away on Friday at the age of 34. She had been battling cancer for a long time, and was open about her health problems on The Challenge.

Diem’s death has led many people to wonder if she and CT did get back together after their last appearance on MTV and how he is handling her death.

A close friend of Diem’s told People that although CT and Diem were not a couple at the time of her death, they were still close and definitely loved each other.

“Diem had such a big heart that she had room to love a lot of people, and he was one of them," her longtime friend Alicia Quarles said.

CT shared his feeling about the death of Diem on Instagram in a heartfelt post.

There were rumors that CT was in the hospital room with Diem when she passed away and that he had proposed to her before her death. A source talked about the rumors to People and said that "They were clearly not engaged."

CT did spend a lot of time with Diem while she was sick and posted several photos of them together in the hospital and often asked her fans and friends to give her prayers and support.

Whether CT and Diem were an actual couple at the time of Diem’s death or not is really irrelevant, because it is clear that they shared a very special relationship and did love each other, in one way or another.