Dianna Agron Rocks Makeover For The Killers' "Just Another Girl"


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With the new class of students in the spotlight on Glee, the older generation of actors are moving onto different things and going in "new directions" as they continue their careers. For instance, Lea Michelle is working on a new solo album, Amber Riley is one of the finalists on the current season of Dancing With The Stars, and now Dianna Agron is getting involved with The Killers on their latest music video, however, sporting a new look.

The music video for The Killers' new hit "Just Another Girl" shows Glee star Dianna Agron with longer-than-shoulder-length hair pulled back, heavy eye shadow, and donning frontman Brandon Flowers' staple feather-shouldered jacket. This is definitely a new look from Glee's blonde and innocent Quinn Fabray; however, Glee fans will remember that, at the start of season three, Agron's character temporarily changed her persona to reflect a hard rock/punk look.

Throughout the music video, Agron's wardrobe changes various times from Flowers' jacket to a vest and bow tie, a leather jacket, and concluding the sequence by wearing a black suit coat and red button-up shirt. While transforming into these different outfits in each scene, Agron lip-syncs Flowers' lyrics. According to MTV UK, the outfits that Agron presents in the video are ones that are commonly worn by Flowers during his live performances. In a review by Contactmusic, it stated that Agron is walking through the band's "discography."

Agron also tweeted her appreciation to Warren Fu, the director of The Killers' new video:

Many Agron and The Killers fans have expressed their excitement about Agron's new look on Twitter:

[Image source: YouTube screenshot]