Dianna Agron Debuts New Platinum Hair

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Dianna Agron has joined the growing list of celebrities who are making major hair changes lately.

The 28-year-old Glee star went platinum and paraded the new 'do around West Hollywood and Gracias Madre restaurant.

Her newly lightened tresses were said to channel Marilyn Monroe as she shopped in Beverly Hills on Tuesday and sported a short white dress.

Dianna Agron will reportedly be reprising her role as Quinn Fabray in the upcoming season of Glee.

However, that is not all that the newly platinum star has going on.

Dianna Agron has several movies coming out, seemingly back-to-back.

Her new movie Zipper, which also stars Lena Headey, is about a family man who struggles with a serious temptation for other women.

Agron is also set to star in Tumbledown with Joe Manganiello. The movie follows Dianna Agron as a young woman who is forced to look closer at the circumstances surrounding the death of her musician husband.


Both of these come out this year followed by, early in 2015, A Conspiracy On Jekyll Island. This movie is about an ex-Wall Street man whom the Secretary of the Treasury enlists to thwart a cyber attack. The attack could possibly derail the American economy. With the help of his wife, and a modge-podge crew of helpers, he hopes to foil the attack.

Sounds like Dianna Agron is pretty busy lately! How does she even have so much time to stroll around Hollywood showing off her new hair?

Good luck to Dianna Agron in all of her upcoming ventures! What do you think about her hair? Do you like the new platinum locks or do you miss the more demure look she had going on before?

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