Dez Bryant Becomes Santa And Buys A PS4 For People In Line At Walmart


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I bet every gamer wishes that they could have been in line after hearing this news. Dez Bryant stopped by a Walmart in Dallas on Thursday night, and rewarded those who had been waiting in line by buying them all a brand new PS4. While some people can claim to have bought the system brand new on its launch day, there are not many that will be able to say that Dez Bryant bought the system for them.

Dez Bryant is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, and in a recent career move, it seems that he decided to become Santa Claus last night. People were lined up all over the country in anticipation of the release of the new PS4 system, but only those in Dallas were lucky enough to get theirs for free.

The PS4 was released, and hit the shelves of stores all across North America on Friday, and the consoles began selling at 12:01 a.m., with a retail price of $400.

Dez Bryant reportedly bought a copy of the system for himself as well, which was why he was at the store.

The news officially broke over twitter and Facebook, when people started posting about how they had their new system bought for them by the NFL star, and one person even posted his picture with Dez Bryant.

He came to the store to buy the system, and as a spur of the moment decision, he chose to reward several other shoppers who had been waiting in line for hours. Dez Bryant has also been labeled one of the bad boys of the NFL, and has been told to grow up, maybe this is his way of showing people that he wants to change?

The Cowboys receiver infamously threw a tantrum during their loss to the Lions during their game on October 27th.

Dez Bryant has bragged in the past about how he is the best player of Madden on the PlayStation in the world. He may have made some new friends after his big donation last night, and will be able to show off his skills with even more people.

Image via Twitter