Developers Build Over 200 Apps For Google+ Hangouts

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Google opened the floodgates a few months back when they opened the API for Google+ Hangouts to the public. One of the Google+'s strongest features was going to get a big push from the developer community that's obsesses over Google+. Those developers have built some pretty awesome stuff and Google is using I/O to showcase it.

First up though, Google wanted to share some stats with how popular their Google+ Hangouts API has been among developers. It was found that developers have now created over 200 apps over the past 90 days. It was found that the average Hangout lasts 2.5 times longer when an app is being used which is great for developers, users and Google. Even more impressive, one in every 3 Hangouts uses an app. All those numbers should rise over the next year as Google pushes Hangouts and Google+ more.

They also took time out to showcase a few of the innovative apps that have caught their eye and will be featured for all to see and use with their own Hangouts.

  • Google Art Project: Explore collections from around the world with thousands of artworks photographed in extremely high resolution. You can play an art guide and take your friends on a tour of different museums.
  • New YouTube App: Create, control, save and even share playlists of videos with friends—all inside a hangout. It’s like your own VIP table at the world’s coolest YouTube party.
  • New Effects App: One of the most popular hangout apps gets more fun with a brand new UI and with the introduction of new effects.
  • Symphonical: Conduct your business meetings and manage projects in real-time using the Symphonical app for hangouts.
  • MiniClip 8-ball Pool: Challenge friends to a game of pool with real-time stats tracking.
  • A Story Before Bed: Family hangouts just got better with this app. Pick a storybook from the shelf and read it to your loved ones.
  • Panoramio Game: Compete with friends to be the most precise wanderer by finding out where a photo was taken while traveling around the world with Google Maps through stunning Panoramio photos. If you are the best, you get to choose your next destination.
  • Cheer On: Root for your favorite sports team by customizing your video appearance in a hangout. With so many sporting events coming up this summer, this is one app you must have next time you are in a hangout.
  • The apps without links can be found on the unofficial Google+ Hangout Apps page. You can find a whole bevy of Hangout apps there as well including my personal favorite - Tabletop Forge.