Detroit Police Officers Accused of Robbery


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Detroit does not have what one would call a sparkling reputation when it comes to crime and its police force. Problems and stories arise almost daily, but a recent scandal that broke this week is of particular interest; two men, who were originally thought to be impersonating police men, assaulted and robbed multiple individuals. The epic twist came at the revelation that the men were not merely pretending to be police officers; when video evidence was submitted to the police department, officers recognized the suspects as their peers.

The two men were brought in to custody on Saturday. One is a sergeant and 20-year veteran of the police force, and the other is of the same rank in Saint Clair shores.

The men allegedly approached their victims with their badges around their necks and their department-issued firearms drawn. In a robbery performed by the off-duty officers on July 21 at a Citgo gas station, they approached two young men and detained them, confiscating their wallets and phones. The victims have come forth as saying their money was taken, and one has said that he was assaulted. A statement from the police department warning against individuals posing as police officers was issued prior to finding the suspects.

Charges have yet to be authorized, though both men are currently in custody. There is an ongoing investigation going on, but there is yet to be any speculation as to the officer's motives for these horrendous acts. It might be a good idea to prepare for a nasty court battle, however; Todd Flood, the attorney of the St. Clair Shores sergeant, was quoted as saying, "I think there is going to be a totally different story to this case. These are two highly decorated police officers. They're not rogue cops. They're not cops out on the street trying to take down innocent people."