Denver Nuggets Mascot Passes Out While Being Lowered to Arena [IMAGES]


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The mascot for the Denver Nuggets gave fans quite a scare on Friday night. During the pre-game festivities, mascot Rocky was being lowered onto the court as part of a stunt, but it was quickly obvious that something was wrong as his seemingly lifeless body descended.

After Rocky was lowered to the floor, he slumped over. Officials for the Denver Nuggets say that Rocky got the wind knocked out of him while in the harness, but that he is okay now. Check out a video of the scary scene involving the Denver Nuggets mascot below.

The scene was very frightening, especially for younger Nuggets fans. "Can't lie, seeing Rocky's lifeless body being lowered was kinda creepy," one fan said.

The incident caused quite a stir on Twitter, with many fans inquiring about the mascot's condition. A few commenters described the incident and photos as "funny" and "hilarious," but most comments were well wishes for the mascot.

The Denver Nuggets mascot made a tweet on his official Twitter page yesterday thanking fans for their concern.

Denver Nuggets went on to lose their home opener against the Trail Blazers 113-98, but that didn't seem to matter much as most were concerned about the mascot. Rocky hopes to be back on the court in the next Nuggets game.

[Image via Twitter]