Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab Facility


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If people wondered what was going on with ex-NBA Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman, with his crazy outbreaks and unusual actions, the results are in, Rodman has a drinking problem. Obviously it is bad enough that he is seeking help for his addiction at an undisclosed alcohol rehabilitation center.

Darren Prince, Rodman's agent, refused information on the facility where Rodman is recovering, or how long he will be staying.

But this news could explain the recent angry meltdown he had in an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN's "New Day", which he defended his decision to travel to North Korea, and when asked the direct question about Kenneth Bae, a U.S. citizen who was sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp by North Korea, he basically came unglued.

Rodman suggested that Bae had done something wrong, but did not specify what.

"Do you understand what he did in this country?" Rodman asked Cuomo. "No, no, no, you tell me, you tell me. Why is he held captive here in this country, why?"

He did apologize for comments he made in Pyongyang about Kenneth Bae, saying he had been drinking and was under pressure as he organized an exhibition game there.

"What was potentially a historic and monumental event turned into a nightmare for everyone concerned," Prince said. "Dennis Rodman came back from North Korea in pretty rough shape emotionally. The pressure that was put on him to be a combination 'super human' political figure and 'fixer' got the better of him."

"He is embarrassed, saddened and remorseful for the anger and hurt his words have caused."

Rodman, known as much for his piercings, tattoos and bad behavior as he was for basketball, was the highest-profile American to meet Kim since he inherited power from father Kim Jong Il in 2011.

When asked about his special relationship with Kim, and whether he might check into the 200,000 or more labor camp prisoners, namely Bae, his reply, “That’s not my job,” he said. “The only thing I am doing right now, I am only doing one thing: this game is for his birthday. It’s for his birthday.”

“And I hope that if this opens doors and we can actually talk about certain things, then we can do certain things, but I am not going to sit there and go in and say ‘hey guy, you’re doing the wrong thing’.”

“That’s not the right thing to do. He’s my friend first. He’s my friend. I don’t give a ****. I tell the world: he’s my ******* friend, I love him.”

And because of this "friendship", Rodman has been strongly criticized for not trying to use his influence with Kim to secure the release of Bae and others who are being held there, perhaps illegally.

But he organized a group of retired NBA players to travel to North Korea for an exhibition game for Kim's birthday. Rodman dedicated the contest to his "best friend" Kim, who along with his wife and other senior officials and their wives watched from a special seating area. The capacity crowd of about 14,000 at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium clapped loudly as Rodman sang a verse from the "birthday" song.

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