Delta Launches Ticket Window On Facebook


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Delta Air Lines has launched a "Ticket Window" that allows users to book flights directly from its Facebook page.

"Our customers are spending more time online and are looking for new ways to connect with us. We're now delivering technology where our customers are - from our own website to our Facebook page to Internet news sites and beyond," said Bob Kupbens, Delta's vice president - eCommerce.

"We already know Facebook is the most used website by inflight WiFi users on more than 2,000 Delta flights every day, giving us the natural launching point for a new online Ticket Window."




Delta's Ticket Window allows Facebook users to make bookings via a tab on the social networking site without having to visit Delta says it plans to expand its Ticket Window to other sites, including online banner ads to allow bookings within the airline's advertisements.

Delta has also redesigned its homepage to include easier access to flight booking, status updates, online check-in and SkyMiles account information.

In the coming weeks, Delta plans to launch a new iPhone application to offer customers the ability to check in for flights, check flight status, review flight schedules, set a parking reminder, review SkyMiles account balance and use eBoarding passes (in select cities) directly from their mobile devices.

"Unlocking the full power of social media and mobile apps is the next step for Delta, while providing innovative travel tools and greater convenience in our customer's mobile world," Kupbens said.