Delta Knows We Hate Delays and Love Twitter, Wi-Fi, & Facebook


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I love to fly, but what I hate are the lines, the delays, and the impersonal service. To top it all off, on long flights, I feel like i'm in a time warp and out of touch with reality during the whole process. No cell phone usage, no internet connection, and occasionally being forced to watch some movie I'd rather not see. So maybe I really don't like to fly.

Delta Airlines is trying to combat these exact problems for their clients. It started about a year ago when the airline introduced the Facebook Ticket Counter App. The application allows flyers to check in on Facebook, view in-flight amenities and entertainment, and share flight details with friends and family.

Communication doesn't stop there, gripes and bitches can be lodged on Twitter. Technical issues can be resolved via Delta assist. This is especially helpful if you have a smart phone. iPhone, Blackberry and android all have apps (Fly Delta app) available to alert customers about parking issues, airport specifics, tracking baggage, paying for extra baggage, and travel updates.

If you're feeling a little disconnected during flights, like me, Delta is nearing completion on a project to install in-flight Wi-Fi on more than 800 of their aircraft. What else is cool is that they have even upgraded their top 19 airports to include branded charging stations. Great news if your ambition exceeds your battery life.

So what else can you ask for? Flying is still going to be a pain in the ass but at least you can surf the net and find your baggage right from your seat. If you're having a crappy flight you can complain to corporate right from your seat in mid-flight!

PC World Magazine recently named Delta "Top Tech-Friendly U.S. Airline" because of all the innovations they have made. If you're a tech savvy flyer, you may want to check out Delta for your next flight. If you're like me and can't tolerate the inefficiencies of air travel, it may provide some relief.