Delicious: Forget The Browser Extensions. Use The Bookmarklet.

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It wasn't that long ago that Delicious' tombstone was all but chiseled. Then Avos (from the founders of YouTube) stepped in to save the day. This was generally applauded by users, when the announcement came last April.

But then in September when the site relaunched with its "stacks" concept, the applause died down. Hard core users were not happy with the direction the site was taking.

In November, Avos announced that it had acquired to enhance link saving with Delicious. It collects all the links that users share or like on sites like Twiter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and stores them in a single place.

In a nutshell, that walks us through the relaunch of Delicious.

Now, the company has posted a message on the Delicious blog talking about browser extensions. It says:

In the past one of the ways of working with Delicious has been the browser extensions. For users of those extensions, it’s been frustrating that some of the features are not working. There’s also inconsistency between the features in different browser extensions. We want to clarify our position on the extensions and where we are going from here.

The original developers of the extensions did not anticipate Delicious users with thousands of bookmarks. As users noticed before the AVOS acquisition of Delicious, the extensions can at times transfer so much data that they cause problems with internet connections and browser stability. Rewriting the extensions to avoid these problems will take time and resources.

The challenge this creates is that our focus is on innovating and moving Delicious forward. We are re-building it into a site that once more attracts millions of people to enjoy the best content the web has to offer. How the Delicious site works and operates is changing. It will continue to grow and change more quickly and this is where we are directing our efforts.

The company goes on to say that it's putting the extensions "on ice," and that it will not develop for them in the near future, as they're focused on the bookmarklet as the primary way to interact with the site, beyond the site itself, which it says it is also focused on.

If you're already using extensions, and you're ok with the way they're already working, you can continue to use them. Just don't expect any changes to them soon. It sounds like this could change in time though.

Chris Crum
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