Deamfall Kickstarter Updated With New Gameplay Footage


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Last week, Red Thread Games Kickstarted the sequel and finale to its The Longest Journey series.

The developers promised to create Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, a new tale featuring protagonist Zoë Castillo. The game will supposedly feature three different playable characters, a 3D point-and-click interface, and an "interactive and living world" that combines bits of cyberpunk and "magical fantasy."

This week, with over 90% of the $850,000 goal funded, Red Thread has updated the game's Kickstarter page and provided a more in-depth look at the early development of Chapters. The new video features developers showing off a playable version of the game. Though the already looks servicable, Red Thread was quick to preface the video with the statement that the gameplay and graphics shown are from a very early prototype version of the game and "does not reflect the final quality of the art, animations, frame-rate, or UI."