Dead Space 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Released


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With all of the amazing games coming out in the next few weeks, it's easy to forget that the gaming party won't stop at Christmas. Some of the most anticipated games of the year have been delayed to the first part of 2013, ensuring that gamers will have plenty to keep them in their seats until next summer.

To keep player looking ahead, EA and Visceral games this week released a 15-minute gameplay walkthrough for Deadspace 3, which is currently set for a February 5th release. In the video, seen below, Visceral's creative director and senior audio artist for Dead Space 3 take us through a section of the game that takes place on a ship named the Eudora. As Isaac Clarke, players will make their way off the ship, which has been attacked and is in the process of exploding. After that, the game seems to settle down into the pace of a Dead Space game, with Clarke exploring a derelict flotilla and, of course, encountering Necromorphs.