Dead Rising 3 Will Still Be Silly, Say Developers


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Dead Rising 3 was announced as an exclusive Xbox One launch title at Microsoft's big E3 conference. Since that time, fans of the series have had concerns about the game's tone.

The initial teaser for the title showed off an impressive, next-gen number of zombies on-screen but also seemed very serious in its depiction of zombie apocalypse violence and airstrikes. This breaks from the previous two games in the series, which feature odd powers, ridiculous weapons, and over-the-top villains.

Today, developers for Dead Rising 3 released a new look at the game and sought to reassure fans that it will still have many silly elements.

The new video highlights many of the new aspects of the game, including its sprawling open-world; the uniqueness and greater intelligence of the zombies; and a few of the various ways to despatch the undead horde. Also touched on is the game's Kinect integration and weapon crafting system, both of which were featured in a different Dead Rising 3 preview released earlier this month. The silliness comes in with a banana hammock costume and wrestling with zombies in a ring while wearing a luchador costume.