'Dead Rising 3' Story Trailer Released


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There are less than two weeks left before the release of the Xbox One, and Capcom's Dead Rising 3 looks to be one of the better exclusive launch titles coming for that console.

Capcom has done a pretty nice job of setting up Dead Rising 3 for the next-gen transition. The Dead Rising series has always had its fans, though the games have never been wildly popular. By making Dead Rising 3 a next-gen launch title and an Xbox One exclusive, more gamers than normal might buy the game to have something fun and light-hearted to play.

Speaking of fun, Capcom has also done a pretty good job of promoting Dead Rising 3 as silly and fun, following its relatively dry announcement during Microsoft's E3 press conference. That's left little time for the publisher to reveal the game's story, but today marks the release of the game's first story trailer.

Based on the video, the story in Dead Rising 3 mostly involves mechanic Mick Ramos trying to escape a zombified city while dealing with panicked non-zombie people and a small injury (that seems to be a bit of a spoiler). The characters and situations certainly look larger-than-life and a bit ridiculous - but that's to be expected from a Capcom game.