'Dead Rising 3' Launch Trailer Released


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While PlayStation 4 owners are already streaming gameplay of games such as Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall, gamers still have a few days to go before the Xbox One and its next-gen exclusives are released.

One of the most anticipated Xbox One launch titles is Dead Rising 3. The game has already gotten moderately good reviews and Capcom is looking to capitalize on Microsoft's console launch with its zombie franchise.

Last week the publisher released a story trailer for Dead Rising 3 that showed off a fairly standard zombie apocalypse story about people being bitten and the race to find a cure while those still alive begin to turn on each other. Today Capcom has released the official launch trailer for the game.

The new trailer doesn't opt to show any actual gameplay footage. Instead, the video showcases the intense, bloody situations that were also the focus of the first look players got of the game at E3. Much of the silliness that characterizes the Dead Rising series and sets it apart from other zombie games is also, unfortunately, missing.