Dave Grohl Joins Zac Brown Band at CMAs


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Dave Grohl started his meteoric rise to fame as the drummer in the grunge-rock group, Nirvana. After the loss of Kurt Cobain, Grohl fronted his own rock group, The Foo Fighters. Four of the seven albums that The Foo Fighters have released have won Grammy Awards for the Best Rock Album. Over the course of his career, Grohl has played with numerous other bands, such as Tenacious D, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Paul McCartney, and Cage the Elephant. Thus, it should honestly come as no surprise that Grohl has decided to foray into another musical group - the Zac Brown Band.

This is Grohl's first official entrance into the country music world. Prior to this performance, Grohl had released a video with the Foo Fighters, titled "Hot Buns," in which the group appeared as country-truckers, and Grohl had been a member of the pretend band, Sweetriver and the Huckleberry Dogs, for the Yahoo! web series, Ghost Ghirls.

During the Country Music Awards Wednesday night, however, Grohl took to the stage to play drums for the Zac Brown Band in the debut of their new song, "Day for the Dead." The Atlanta, Georgia based band won the 2013 Grammy Award for best country album, Uncaged.

Perhaps their success as a hybrid country-rock-blues band is the reason why Grohl has decided to produce the Zac Brown Band's next album: "I want to work with Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl is one of our musical heroes as a band, and he said that he would be interested in doing that, too," Brown stated earlier this year.

Whatever the reason, the album is predetermined to not be a failure due to the fact that everything Grohl touches turns to gold. For a sneak-peak of what country music is set to become, check out the rocking performance from Grohl and the Zac Brown Band from Wednesday's CMAs:

The Foo Fighters are scheduled to start touring again this December in Mexico City, after a brief hiatus.

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