Apple Unveils iPhone X and Here’s What it Can Do
On Tuesday, Apple hosted its first-ever event at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. The company unveiled several new products at the event which included 4K Apple TV and the Apple Watch Series 3 which comes with a cellular connection. Of course, the highlight of the evening was the announcement of Apple’s new line of smartphones—the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the tenth-anniversary phone aptly named the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten).

Date: 2017-9-15

How Data Visualization Can Benefit Your Business
The challenge for businesses is how to interpret and break down big data in a manner that is easily understandable not just from top to bottom of the organization, but also for their clients as well. This is where data visualization comes in.

Date: 2017-8-19

Personalization Tripled Retailer’s Email Revenue
There is no other digital marketing medium more powerful for retailers and businesses in general than email. Besides the one-on-one setting that email provides, the growth of marketing data tools has made email the ultimate personalized bond between businesses and both their “today customers” and “tomorrow customers”.

Date: 2017-8-7

Cultivating a Data-Driven Culture In Your Company
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said marketing pioneer John Wanamaker in the early 1900’s. That is why CRM software was invented and why it is used by every serious marketer. In today’s “Big Data” World, enterprises are making not just marketing decisions, but almost ALL decisions based on data analytics.

Date: 2017-7-20

LinkedIn To Increase Its Effectiveness For Marketers
With the backing of Microsoft, LinkedIn has big plans to increase its effectiveness for marketers in 2017. Russ Glass, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Head of Products, was interviewed by LinkedIn Account Executive at Vivek Venugopal:

Date: 2017-7-2

A Data-Driven Approach to Measure a Students Learning Progress
AOL founder and internet visionary Steve Case in his new book, “The Third Wave” says that the Education Revolution will be: More personal. More Individualized. More data-driven. Even though there have been many technological solutions that fit the spirit of Steve’s mantra, they have been implemented in a scattered way thus far. In other words we have a long way to go–but we are on a path to get there.

Date: 2017-6-17

Real-Time Computation Requires Real-Time Data Streams
Grab, a Singapore based Uber type service, is so popular that if their IT infrastructure didn’t remain stable during peak usage transportation would literally ground to a halt. Grab is the leading ride sharing service in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Date: 2017-5-19

Free Whitepaper: Upgrading to SQL Server 2016
Every vendor provides strict technical publications for upgrading to their latest and greatest. Microsoft is no different with regards to upgrading to SQL Server® 2016. However, there are other factors to take into consideration that you don’t want to skip over or miss. Use this guide to help you be successful when upgrading your SQL Server to 2016.

Date: 2017-5-4

Email Marketers Missing Out On Metrics
An extensive study recently released by GetRepsone and SmartInsights shows that while email is clearly the most effective marketing channel, marketers overall aren’t fully utilizing the available capabilities and advantages of email metrics.

Date: 2017-4-18

Big Twitter Data Predicts Trends
“When you notice patterns over time, you have a suspicion that there’s an underlying reason why they happen — and maybe we can encode that in a model so that with just a little bit of data we can predict what will happen,” noted Josh Montague. Montague and Scott Hendrickson, another Data Scientist at Twitter, created what they call “The Social Media Pulse” which is a model that can predict twitter explosions of tweets when big events happen.

Date: 2017-4-7

Live Webcast! Welcome to the 2016 Query Store!
One of my favorite new features in SQL Server® 2016 is the Query Store. The Query Store houses valuable information on performance of your queries as well as gives you great insights into your query workload.

Date: 2017-3-14

Big Data 101 – A Free Course by IBM
IBM Learning Lab offers many free courses for technology professionals, but Big Data 101 is something even many experienced data professionals could find great takeaways from. With this course you get answers to fundamental questions such as: What is Big Data? How do we tackle Big Data? Why are we interested in it? What is a Big Data platform? Not only is this course great for database experts, I also recommend the course to every professional that utilizes large datasets in their decision making process.

Date: 2017-3-3

LinkedIn to Allow Marketers to Integrate Their Own Datasets
With the backing of Microsoft, LinkedIn has big plans to increase its effectiveness for marketers in 2017. Russ Glass, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Head of Products, was interviewed by LinkedIn Account Executive at Vivek Venugopal:

Date: 2017-2-17

A Technical Guide for Moving to the Cloud From Google
Google has created a guide in the form of a website for companies that are considering a move to their cloud called Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals.

Date: 2017-1-30

Data Storage, AI, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition and Analytics is Spawning the Next Big Shift in Computing
“We’ve long dreamed of talking computers,” noted Barry Briggs, consultant and former CTO for Microsoft, where he helped lead the company’s transition to the cloud and is generally known as a pioneer in the computing industry. What Briggs is referring to is advent of talking devices and conversational interfaces which are just now beginning to reshape how we use computers, and more importantly how we interact with data.

Date: 2017-1-6