Dashboard Cam Catches Act Of Kindness, And Don't We All Need It

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Today's news has been dominated by a terrible, tragic story out of Aurora, Colorado. In the early morning hours, during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, a gunman opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd - killing 12 and injuring upwards of 50 more.

The act of senseless, brutal violence has naturally put everyone in a funk. It's just a unbelievably painful incident - a depraved act of cruelty that's simply hard to wrap your brain around.

It's the kind of story that makes you lose a little bit of your faith in humanity, so I guess we all need something to restore a little bit of that faith.

Distrubed, violent individuals can inflict so much pain upon the world, and this dashcam video is a small reminder that there actually is kindness in most people

An unusually tame dashcam video, check out how one driver responds to a little old lady crossing the street:

This video won't really ease any suffering and it surely won't bring anyone back or provide any insight into why someone would be so depraved - but hey, what are you going to do...it made me smile.

Josh Wolford

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