Darth Vader, Sith Anakin Revealed For 'Angry Birds Star Wars 2'


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Only one more day until the official release of Angry Birds Star Wars 2. Developer Rovio has spent the last two weeks teasing both well-known and bit-part Star Wars characters from the original movies and the prequels. Today Rovio release what are, presumably, the last two character teaser videos for the Angry Birds Star Wars sequel.

The first is yet another version of Anakin Skywalker, who has already had Jedi padawan and podracer versions announced. Sith apprentice Anakin, complete with scar, will use dark-side force powers to cause havoc among blocks and birds:

While the second tease of the day is also technically another Anakin version, the character is better known by another name. Darth Vader will, of course, be a part of Angry Birds Star Wars 2, using the same dark force powers that the Sith apprentice version of Anakin does: