DaNica Shirey: The Only Woman Left Standing On 'The Voice'


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DaNica Shirey finds herself in a very unique position on The Voice.

Following her brilliant performance of "I Have Nothing" by beloved R&B singer Whitney Houston, Shirey was voted into the show's Top 8.

She was spared the fate of fellow contestants Anita Antoinette and Reagan James, who lost out on the instant save to competitor Ryan Sill.

However, now DaNica Shirey is the only woman left on The Voice.

There is no "girl power" to be found in the seventh season on The Voice; America is in love with the guys this time around.

....And DaNica Shirey.

So what does Shirey have that every single other woman that was in the competition lacked?

Well first, DaNica Shirey a great singer. Of the women voted onto the show's Top 20, she was among the strongest vocally.

Her vocal styling is not an "acquired" taste in the vein of other departed women contestants.

Also, the song choices by coach Pharrell Williams have been delivered with gusto by Shirey.

She has a strong support base, which means that she could stick around for a few weeks yet.

But does DaNica Shirey have what it takes to win The Voice this year?

One thing is for certain; she cannot afford to make any mistakes at this point.

Any mistakes whatsoever could make the difference between being voted safe and being eliminated.

Even if DaNica has the pipes to sing for her life (and that of several other people), we've now reached the stage where Voice fans have picked their favorites.

Pretty soon persons will be weighing and measuring to select that ONE competitor they believe should win it all.

While DaNica Shirey has the talent to win it all, it remains to be seen whether or not she possesses the popularity.

Many are blaming women viewers on the uneven odds this year, but it could simply be a matter of musical taste.

Do you think DaNica Shirey can win, or are the odds simply not in her favor?