DaNica Shirey Continues To Impress On 'The Voice'


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DaNica Shirey is a talented singer.

Some may be surprised at the York County, Penn. native's continued success on popular singing show The Voice despite this seemingly obvious fact.

Her former vocal coach Holly Gumke will be one of the first people to tell you how gifted DaNica is. Gumke even hosted a viewing party on Monday in support of Shirey.

Among those in attendance were some of the teacher's current students; all of them look up to DaNica Shirey, who they see as something of a local heroine.

"She's an inspiration to all of us," said 14-year-old Taylor Lamparter. "Knowing that she grew up like us and that she went to Heather. That could be us one day."

On Monday, DaNica Shirey performed a song that was...quite far and away from her normal soulful selections.

Voice coach Pharrell Williams selected the Radiohead song "Creep" for her to sing.

For some, it was a head-scratching decision.

Especially when DaNica put a sort of Beyonce-esque spin on the British grunge classic.

However, Shirey's strong vocal performance was convincing enough to make it work for Voice viewers.

It also impressed Williams.

"When I heard you sing it, it moved me," said Pharrell Williams after the performance. "This was amazing."

DaNica's talent inspired Voice viewers to vote for her again this week; she was far and away safe from elimination and seems to be a surprise favorite.

Although there are some obvious front runners (Matt McAndrew from Adam Levine's team and Craig Wayne Boyd on Blake Shelton's team for instance), it's important to not count on DaNica Shirey. She certainly seems to be the most popular woman singer in this competition.

After America sent both Sugar Joans and Jessie Pitts home, she may be the only woman with the chance to win The Voice this season.

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