Danica Patrick Gets Buff for Super Bowl Ad


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In a GoDaddy commercial that would make The Situation and GTL fans everywhere scream with joy, Danica Patrick sports a big muscle body suit and races against buff-bodied men to the nearest spray tan palace. GoDaddy is going against their traditional dolled-up, glamorous marketing approach in this year's Super Bowl ad. Instead of seeing a sexy Danica, Super Bowl audiences will witness how the brunette NASCAR driver looks with veins popping and more muscles than Poppy when he eats his spinach.

The advertising goddess has now appeared in 13 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials, making her the most used celebrity in big game ads. Why the GoDaddy marketing switch? Last year's commercial with Danica and supermodel Bar Refaeli sucking face with a nerd ranked last in USA Today's Super Bowl ad meter. However, the word of mouth due to the rather disgusting and outrageous make out session did reach an all-time high.

Maybe you remember it? Maybe you'd like to forget it? Either way, here's another look at sexy meeting smart.

The web hosting company who has continually used the Super Bowl as a major advertising platform will hope that their 2014 ads will be a touchdown. The estimated price for a 30-second commercial this year is $4 million.

And believe it or not, the price tag is usually worth it. Not only will people be talking about and rewatching ads the next day on the internet, but the Super Bowl attracts over 100 million viewers world wide. In an age where television audiences usually switch the channel during commercials or fast-forward them on their DVR, people know to stay-tuned for the clever and expensive ads shown during breaks in the game.

Super Bowl XLVIII will take place on February 2nd in New Jersey. The offensively-charged Denver Broncos will face the defensive-minded Seattle Seahawks.

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