"Dance Moms" Stars Go To Court Over Assault

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"Dance Moms", a Lifetime reality show about young dancers and the sometimes extreme lengths their mothers go to in order to make them successful, has spawned a lawsuit that went to court this week.

Abby Lee Miller, the dance instructor on the show, has pressed charges against the mother of two students, Kelly Hyland, after Hyland screamed at Miller and pulled her hair during an altercation last November. The fight allegedly began when Hyland accused Miller of slighting her daughters. According to a court order, the women aren't allowed to have contact with one another during the legal battle, and that suits Miller just fine. The 47-year old says she pressed charges because she wants to try and protect Hyland's daughters--15-year old Brooke and 13-year old Paige--from her wrath.

"I have to stand by what believe in," said Miller, who said she asked a friend with knowledge of the situation for advice. "I said, 'Do you think I'm doing the right thing?' And they said, 'Hey Abby, if you don't press charges against her the next thing it's going to be those two kids killed in the car with her. That's what its going to be.'"

The show is currently filming its fourth season, but it's not known whether Hyland will appear in future episodes. The Lifetime cameras were on hand on Tuesday when the women exited the courtrooms, however, so it's likely that the legal battle will be well-documented for the show. In a season 4 preview, Hyland can be seen causing drama with the other moms and having words with Miller, so it's likely the whole thing will air.

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