Dan Rather Not Involved in NBC's JFK Coverage


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Legendary journalist Dan Rather was instrumental during the original coverage of the JFK assassination; however, CBS has not asked him to participate in coverage for the 50th anniversary. Rather reported for CBS in 1963 on the day of the assassination and was involved in the coverage of President JFK’s initial visit to Dallas. His commentary (such as the voice over in the video below) during the actual tragedy will be used.

Rather left CBS in 2006 after conflict escalated between the network and himself over a 2004 story relating to President George W. Bush. The popular journalist spoke about his anticipation at potentially reconnecting with the network in lieu of the upcoming anniversary coverage.

“I held off doing anything for anybody else for a while, thinking I may be asked to do something (for CBS). I can’t say I had any reason for that hope,” he said.

Rather filed a lawsuit for $70 million against CBS, but the lawsuit was thrown out in 2010. Regardless of the snub, the 82-year-old is still going strong with his present involvement in the news outlet, Dan Rather Reports. The show's Twitter page even recognized Rather's continued enjoyment at participating in a good story on his most recent birthday.

CBS may have let the chance to interview one of the actual reporters during the assassination pass by, but another network did not miss the opportunity. NBC's Tom Brokaw conducted an extensive and exclusive interview with Dan Rather, which will air on the actual anniversary (November 22) of JFK's assassination.

This news will do nothing to quell the lingering rumors of tension between CBS and Dan Rather.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]