Dan Aykroyd Sworn In As Sheriff's Deputy

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Dan Aykroyd has played a lot of roles over the years, but one of his most important roles is yet to come: that of sheriff's deputy in Hinds County, Mississippi.

The 61-year old actor was sworn in to the reserves on Friday and said that he'll not only take the job very seriously, he'll also help with fundraising efforts to help the department stay effective.

"It's an honor to join these ranks today," he said during the ceremony. "I understand the challenges that law enforcement face in today’s world...If there's some raid and I have to go in and do some negotiation, or I have to do something that requires me to be on the front line, my experience there is obviously very limited — I've acted in this reserve capacity in some departments before and I know what that entails — but of course I now stand shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm with all the great young women than I've met here."

Aykroyd has almost sixteen years worth of experience after serving in law enforcement in Louisiana, and although he enjoyed his time there, he fell in love with Mississippi while filming on location. He says he plans to help with raising money for his new department to help boost their resources. He also said that his job affords him the luxury of travel, which may come in handy for the sheriff's department.

"A lot of departments can't even afford ammunition for practice," he told the Clarion Ledger. "It's that kind of tiny little challenge that you never think of. We're going to be aware of that and aware of maybe doing some programs and some fundraisers to supplement the resources of the department here...I am able to go all over the world now and talk up this county, talk up this state and talk up the people of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department. It’s a great honor, and I hope I can uphold my duties professionally and with integrity and honesty, and I hope to do that.”

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