Dallas Cowboys' Loss Versus San Francisco 49ers Shocks Football World


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The Dallas Cowboys faced down the San Francisco 49ers today. The game ended in a win for the 49ers.

The score was 28-17.

Football commentators rushed to explain this upset.

SB Nation's David Fucillo attributed the loss to "the Cowboys shooting themselves in the foot as anything else". The Cowboys suffered from a bad defense, which ended with a score in favor of the 49ers 28-3 in the second quarter. As far as their offense was concerned, Fucillo called the Cowboys "baaaaad". According to him, the Cowboys handed the 49ers way too many opportunities.

The 49ers seized those opportunities, and that's why they won the game.

Eric Edholm of the Shutdown Corner explained how even though the final score of 28-17 seems like the game was pretty close, it was anything but. After the 49ers gained their lead, since they "seemed content running out the clock in the second half. Some in Dallas might want to just fast-forward to January already."

"You have to keep telling yourself it is just one game," wrote Tom Ryle of SB Nation, "but how do you keep from wondering if this will be the season the Dallas Cowboys fall apart after the horrendous showing they had against the San Francisco 49ers on opening day?" Three times the Cowboys' Tony Romo attempted to pass into coverage in the first half and all of those times, the 49ers intercepted. It lead to Ryle asking: "What happened with Tony Romo? Was this a problem of not getting enough reps in training camp as they tried to protect his back?"

It also lead to mocking internet memes.