Dale Earnhardt Jr. Snags First Victory in Four Years: Twitter Reacts

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. took home his first NASCAR Sprint Cup victory in four years at the Michigan International Speedway on Sunday. Racing in a car that was heavily inspired by director Christopher Nolan's highly-anticipated summer blockbuster "The Dark Knight Rises", the win marks the end of a 143-race losing streak for Earnhardt, who crossed the finish line roughly five seconds ahead of second place driver Tony Stewart.

Having 143 races in-between victories was a Sprint Cup record, an achievement I'm sure Earnhardt is more than willing to pass on to someone else. Although he's more than happy with the results of this particular endeavor, the popular NASCAR star isn't going to sit idly by when there are other accomplishments to chase on the horizon.

"Yeah, I want to win a championship,” Earnhardt explained. “I haven’t won a championship yet. I want to win a lot more races, obviously. I got a lot of years left and lot of drive and determination in me, and this has been one of my best years, so we’re excited about the opportunity to fight for the championship this year."

Eardhardt's legion of fans are no doubt thrilled with the driver's recent victory. In fact, a large number of them took to the micro-blogging website to discuss his win, a smattering of which have been embedded in the space provided below.