Daisy Coleman, Maryville Rape Victim, Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

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Daisy Coleman, the teenager at the center of the Maryville rape case that swept the nation, has been hospitalized after attempting to end her own life for the third time.

Coleman was allegedly bullied when she attended a party over the weekend and made an attempt on her life on Sunday; she is currently recovering at a children's psychiatric hospital in Kansas City.

The teen was just 14 when she attended a party with older peers and was sexually assaulted by a 17-year old boy who had given her alcohol. Another 17-year old recorded the assault on a cell phone, and Coleman was later dumped on her doorstep in freezing temperatures. Late last year, a special prosecutor was assigned to the case after concerns were raised that the accused would receive special treatment because his father is a prominent politician.

“I know this case has raised a variety of concerns. So please know this: This case will be thoroughly reviewed. Our review will be without fear and without fail,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said. “I can also assure you that politics, connections will not play a role in our review in this case.”

Coleman was relentlessly bullied after news of the rape broke, and posted her story on a blog last October to share her horrors with the world.

"Since this happened, I've been in hospitals too many times to count. I've found it impossible to love at times. I've gained and lost friends. I no longer dance or compete in pageants. I'm different now, and I can't ever go back to the person I once was. That one night took it all away from me. I'm nothing more than just human, but I also refuse to be a victim of cruelty any longer," she wrote.

The girl's mother, Melinda, is calling for the help of the internet and for the hacktivist group Anonymous, who came to Daisy's aid when the story broke last year.


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