Dairy Queen Employee Shines in Act of Kindness

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Joey Prusak, an employee at a Hopkins, Minnesota Dairy Queen is being praised for a brave act of kindness, reports Yahoo. When a visually impaired customer accidentally dropped a $20 bill, Joey said he was shocked by what happened next.

"The lady behind him just picked it up and put it in her purse," he told Yahoo News. "As if no one saw it."

Prusak, who has been an employee at the Hopkins Dairy Queen since he was 14, said that he recognized the visually impaired customer. "He's a regular and he always pays with a debit card," he said. "He doesn't use a wallet, so when he pulled out his card, the cash fell to the ground."

After the woman picked up the $20 and stuffed it in her purse like nothing happened, Prusak said he confronted her about it. "I said, 'Ma'am, can you please return the gentleman's money?'"

The woman had the guts to deny that she took the cash. "There was kind of a scene," Prusak said. "I told her what she did was extremely disrespectful and she had to leave."

She left, but she refused to return the money. So, Prusak walked to the customer who had lost the $20 and gave him $20 from his own pocket.

"I felt it needed to be done," he said. The man thanked him, and Prusak didn't really think anything of it, and he went back to his job.

What Prusak did inspired one witnessing customer to write an email to the store manager, praising the 19-year-old for his kindness. The email went to Reddit, was picked up by the Daily Mail and spread like wildfire. If only more people had this kind of justice instinct...

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