DADADA, DADADA: Here's the Guy Who Created The SportsCenter Theme

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“Everybody knows SportsCenter, everybody watches it, it’s absolutely a universal thing,” Colby said. “It is a tremendously gratifying thing for an be a part of it, whatever the small part is.”

Those are the word of 63-year-old John Colby, a Grammy and Emmy award-winning composer who has written the soundtracks to many of the greatest sporting events in the last two decades. If you've never heard of him, you're probably not alone.

But as a part of ESPN's Front Row, Colby is getting the recognition he deserves.

Although he's written the score for various college football, basketball, NFL, ESPYS, golf, and NASCAR programs, it's for one epic theme that he's most famous for.

DaDaDa, DaDaDa. Every time you hear it, you know what's coming - a new hour of SportsCenter.

Check out John Colby telling the story of the SportsCenter theme in his own words:

SportsCenter is about to hit a huge milestone: 50,000 episodes. The big episode is expected to go down on Thursday, September 13th at 6 pm ET.

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