Cybill Shepherd Signs on for Marriage Number Three

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Cybill Shepherd, an accomplished actress with a string of hit television programs under her belt, once said that she thought she'd never marry again. Welcome to the summer of 2012, which finds the "Moonlighting" star preparing to walk down the proverbial aisle with therapist Andrei Nikolajevic. It's always kind of funny how things turn out.

"He was a jeweler. Now, he's a psychologist. He's Serbian," she said of her future husband. Regarding the proposal, she added, "It was very romantic and on one knee. I never thought I'd get married again." And here you thought I was making that last part up. Shame on you.

Shepherd, in case you don't recall, was previously married to David Ford and Bruce Oppenheim. From these marriages, "The L Word" star produced three children. Looking at photos of Cybill today, it's hard to believe she's really 62 years-old.

Unfamiliar with the actress' work? Have a look at some trailers for movies featuring Shepherd that come highly recommended from yours truly. Do keep in mind, however, that I am a huge Steven Seagal fan, so my opinion on anything cinematic should be taken with a grain of salt. I just wanted to put that out there in case you claim my recommendations suck. Because, you know, most of the time, they do. I apologize in advance if you hate 'em.

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