Cyber Monday: Stay in Your Pajamas and Save Money


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Many anxious shoppers plan to skip dessert and hit Walmart before their turkey dinners even get a chance to digest next Thursday. Some yet will get up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday eager to get the best deals around. But what if there's a better way? What if you can stay in your pajamas, relax on the couch or shop from your desk while you're clocked in at work?

Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, is less than a week away. According to Adobe Digital Index, a digital marketing and digital media solution company, online shoppers spent more money last year on Cyber Monday than in any other shopping day in history. The upward trend is expected to continue this year, Adobe is tracking a 15 percent increase in sales, that could bring spending to well over $2 billion.

But are the deals the same on Cyber Monday as they are on Black Friday? Not necessarily. Sabah Karimi, a finance blogger for the website Wise Bread, provides a few tips on how to get the best holiday bargains. She advises that items like clothing, shoes, electronics and large appliances are usually great Cyber Monday finds because you can take advantage of free shipping. However, new versions of digital cameras may not feature a large dip in price. Shoppers are often advised to even wait out the holiday season all together when buying these sorts of items and then use the store's rebates or promotions come January.

Cyber Monday even has several of its own Twitter and Facebook pages to help consumers find the best deals. Many social media sites also provide shoppers with some great security tips and helpful apps that will help to make your Cyber Monday and holiday season run as smoothly as possible.

Watch this clip to get more Cyber Monday tips and hear some great advice on how to avoid potential scams.

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