Crytek Unveils New Cryengine At Gamescom


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Cryengine has powered some of the most visually arresting games of the last generation with the Crysis series. Outside of Crytek's own games, however, there haven't been many games built on its middleware. That may all change with the latest CryEngine.

Crytek announced during Gamescom that its latest iteration of Cryengine - simbly dubbed CRYENGINE - is now available for developers to use. The latest engine supports the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC while retaining support for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Crytek says that it's engine provides the proper scalability tools needed for developers to seamlessly port their projects back and forth between next generation and current generation consoles.

In a video released today, Crytek shows off all the new features that its new Cryengine is capable of using examples from Crysis 3 and its Xbox One launch title - Ryse: Son of Rome:

Just like in the last generation, Unreal Engine is poised to be the go to middleware for many game development studios. That's not entirely undeserved as Epic has done a great job with Unreal Engine 4, but Cryengine has always been at the cutting edge of game development with its innovations in game development.

Cryengine may have a leg up this time around because it's the only next generation engine that supports the Wii U. Of course, that won't matter if Nintendo can't sell more than a few million units every year, but it could mean big things for Cryengine if Nintendo is able to secure more third party titles that require an engine flexible enough to meet the scalability demands of the modern development environment.