Crystal Bowersox "Comes Out" With Christmas Song


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Coming out to family members about being gay is hard for many people. While some families are accepting, others can be harsh and judgmental. For former America Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox, coming out is much easier with a song. Her newest song, "Coming Out For Christmas," has many people questioning her sexuality and the story behind the song.

Since her appearance on American Idol, many people have suspected that she may be a lesbian. Crystal married Brian Walker in 2010, but the couple recently announced their divorce. Crystal also has a child from a previous relationship. So what exactly is Crystal's sexuality and is it really anyone's business?

Crystal doesn't seem to have trouble coming out, even though she admits that she did struggle with her sexuality in high school. She recently posted a tweet to help put a stop to the rumors and finally define herself as bisexual.

Crystal says that she wrote the song in hope of helping others who are struggling with their own sexuality and coming out to family and friends and admits to struggling herself at times. So far, she has had nothing but positive responses about the song and says that she hopes it will inspire those still afraid to admit their sexuality to come out.

The outed and confident Crystal has not only decided to release a new song, but also has a new look. She cut off her trademark dreadlocks and now straightens her hair.

What do you think of Crystal's new song and her new look?

Image via Twitter.