Cronos - Play PS3 With Xbox Controller, Vice Versa


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There is a good possibility that the game controller had at least some impact on your decision when selecting a console. They all feel different and have a an impact on how you play. RaptorFire is attempting to make that point moot by offering the Cronos adapter.

The Cronos adapter lets you use any controller you wish, no matter which console you are on. PS3 can be played with and XBox controller, Wii controller can be used with an XBox and so on. Even a mouse can be thrown into the mix. Any controller can be converted to operate on the console of your choice.

There is some work involved, however, but Raptorfire contends that it isn't as difficult as it sounds:

Configuration of the "Cronus" can be done using any standard Windows-based PC. The device features nine customizable slots that can be loaded with configurations for any of your favorite games. Gamers can even download programmable mods to the device that will let you add functionality to the controller without the need to install a separate mod chip. This amazing product is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and opens up a whole new world of gaming.

The gadget was featured in Raptorfire's booth at E3, but never drew that much attention. But it is a specialty project worth taking note of, and may come in handy for certain people - those that prefer one console but don't like the feel of the controller that comes with it.

It also comes with some modding potential for using a computer controller on a console and vice versa. I'm sure hacker will find some other uses for it as well. Raptorfire never mentions that as a possibility, but plan on seeing YouTube tutorials on how to do such things in the future.