What is CRM? Salesforce Provides Small Businesses with a Simple Explanation

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, often gets small business owners eyes rolling. Saleforce recently created a simple, yet effective, video answer to that question targeted toward small businesses.

What is CRM?

Salesforce explains to small business why CRM is important to them. The video is a little cheesy but helpful as a CRM intro to small business owners who find the concept daunting:

"You are in a business that some call small business, wearer of many hats, blazer of new business trails, it's anything but small. It's everything, not the least of which is finding, winning and keeping customers in a world where you're expected to keep up like a bigger business."

"But how do you do all that? Welcome to Customer Relationship Management, CRM for short. It does all the things you already do to keep track of customers, only easier. It starts when you take what you know about your customers, name, phone, job title, company and put it in a place that makes it easy for everyone in your company to use, share and take action from."

"It's so everyone understands every interaction from calls, emails and meeting notes to quotes and closing deals. You can even see what your amazing sales revenue look like at a glance. It's the kind of info that lets service be quicker, more informed and more personal with customers and lets marketing capture leads and follow up with smarter and better email campaigns to bring customers in."

"It's one place that allows everyone to work together seamlessly from anywhere, right in the palm of your hand. There is no need for sticky notes or staring at spreadsheets so no one is ever in the dark about what's going on, especially you."

"CRM... in a nutshell, it's the everything helper, from people who need to do everything to make business grow bigger."