Could Family Guy Brian's Death Spell The End?


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Brian, the Griffin family dog, was killed off in the recent “Life of Brian” episode of Family Guy. The producers had warned fans that a character was going to die. But for some reason, no one was expecting any of the Griffins.

Well, maybe Meg Griffin, as her being hated is such a long running joke that death seemed plausible for the teen.

However, having Brian killed off seems to have struck a nerve with fans and non-fans alike. There is a petition going around demanding that the dog be brought back to life. Bringing the character back from the dead wouldn't exactly be breaking with tradition. Peter Griffin engaged with an oversized chicken in a seemingly to-the-death melee. Peter would emerge bloodied and victorious and the bird would inexplicably rise from the dead to continue their fight throughout the seasons. Even neighbor Joe Swanson was allowed to have his son return from the dead in a rather convoluted manner during the episode, “Thanksgiving”.

Despite this, it seems that the show executives are digging their heels in. They even introduced a new dog named Vinny (voiced by Tony Sirico of “the Sopranos”) soon after Brian's demise. The move to kill off and then replace Brian sounds like a permanent arrangement.

Some are already whispering that the move could have negative consequences for the series. But is this premature? After all, the show has survived the loss of characters before. While the chemistry between Brian and Stewie may be missed, as well as their song and dance routines, Brian is merely one character in a sea of unique and memorable Family Guy characters. There are still several core characters who remain to carry the show without his help.

Only time will tell whether or not the move to kill Brian will have major repercussions for the show. If it does, expect a completely random and hilariously inexplicable return of the beloved pooch.

Image: Family Guy Official Facebook