Costco Bibles Labeled As Fiction


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The Costco in Simi Valley has issued an apology after a pastor snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter of a Bible labeled as fiction.

Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach was browsing through Costco, searching for a gift, when he saw something that caught his eye...a bible with a $14.99 fiction label. He took a picture of the Bible and posted it to his personal Twitter profile with a caption that read, "Costco has Bibles for sale under the genre of FICTION Hmmmm..."

Not only was his congregation in an uproar, but his photo has seemed to cause controversy all over the United States. "It’s caused a lot of controversy, it’s caused a lot of conversation, which I think conversation is good," Kaltenbach told KCBS-TV.

“I was completely offended. It’s wrong, and I believe that the Bible is real and it shouldn’t be marked fiction,” Shellie Dungan, a member of Kaltenbach's congregation.

On Wednesday, Costco issued an apology saying that the Bibles were mislabeled and they were taking action to prevent this from happening in the future

“Costco’s distributor mislabeled a small percentage of the Bibles, however we take responsibility and should have caught the mistake. We are correcting this with them for future distribution,” the statement read. “In addition, we are immediately relabeling all mislabeled Bibles. We greatly apologize for this error.”

Image via Twitter