Corpse on Flight: Swedish Woman Forced to Fly with Dead Guy

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Corpse on flight: How would you feel if you were forced to sit next to a dead body for nearly ten hours? Apparently Swedish resident Lena Pettersson was none too pleased with having to endure such an experience during her recent aerial adventure. After complaining to Kenya Airways about the uncomfortable situation, the airline refunded Pettersson $713 (5000 kronor), which is roughly half of the price of her ticket. I might have demanded more.

According to the International Business Times, Pettersson was on a flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania when the man in the seat across the aisle starting looking a little wonky. Despite the fact that the poor guy was sweating and experiencing seizures, the plane took off anyway. Although attempts were made to save the man's life -- one passenger even performed a cardiac massage -- the passenger died mid-flight.

Those seated next to the body were moved to other areas of the plane. The flight staff, seemingly unprepared to handle such an unfortunate turn of events, laid his body across three seats and covered it with a blanket. Petersson, none too thrilled with having to spend the rest of the flight seated next to a corpse, asked if she could be moved to a different location, as well. Since there weren't any available spots, she was forced to sit next to the dead body for the remainder of her trip.

"Of course it was unpleasant," Pettersson explained to a local newspaper, "But I am not a person who makes a fuss." When asked about the amount of her refund, she added, "This feels much better. It is reasonable." Again, I would have demanded more.

The deceased individual's name has not been released to the public.