Cornell Hazing Leads To Suspension Of Lacrosse Team


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Cornell is facing some heat after the lacrosse team participated in hazing, causing the program to be suspended. The hazing has caused the men's lacrosse team to be suspended for the entire fall season. Cornell announced last week that the fall games would be cancelled, after finding out about the seniors hazing the freshman in a very mean way, through an investigation done by the university.

The seniors on the team forced the freshman to do a number of outrageous things, mostly involving drinking, for students that were obviously under 21. College officials have said that the freshman were forced to stand in a circle and drink beer up until the point where multiple members vomited. CBS News mentions that the team held a party which featured a "keg race," where freshmen were challenged to drink large amounts of beer in a competition against other team members. Hazing can often be a problem for high school and college students, but it is sad to see it having such an effect on a sports team at this level.

Especially after Cornell's successful Lacrosse team that they had last season, it is sad to see them start the year off this way, not even eligible to play. In the spring, they went 14-4, losing in the national semi-finals to Duke. The team finished at No.3 in the nation, according to ESPN. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed at the university level, and hopefully after cracking down and suspending the team for a season, Cornell's players will take a hint and quit their awful antics.

Rob Pannell, who played lacrosse for Cornell from 2008-2013, said "In my five-plus years as a member of the Cornell lacrosse family, I can confidently say that no hazing took place." It is sad to see such a negative turn around from players. This cannot be tolerated and it is a good thing that the Cornell administration. The decision was made within the university and was not enforced by NCAA. The team has previously had a great reputation, and will hopefully be able to get back to that soon, but will have to rest up this season.

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